Registration Deadline: Thursday, 20th November 2014 by 2:00pm

Global Entrepreneurship Week (GEW) was a revolutionary initiative started to inspire individuals to cultivate their ideas into concrete realities but is now a global movement; helping millions of people pitch their ideas and build successful businesses worldwide. GEW is the world's largest platform for innovators and entrepreneurs to come together, working towards economic growth and human welfare.


Mr. Hussain Nadim (Special Assistant to Federal Minister of Planning, Development & Reform)
Dr. Arshad Ali (Principal SEECS)
Ms. Amina Sadaf (Chairman Entrepreneurial Alliances)

Speaker Profiles

Hussain Nadim is currently serving as Special Assistant to Federal Minister of Planning, Development & Reform. He was previously a scholar at Woodrow Wilson Center in the US, and Adjunct Scholar at King's College London in UK. He has taught Political Science, International Relations and Philosophy at NUST School of Social Sciences, and at
Quaid-e-Azam University, Islamabad. Hussain Nadim regularly writes for Express Tribune, and Foreign Policy magazine US. He has been education at University of Cambridge, University of Oxford, and George Washington
University in the US.

Dr Arshad Ali, Principal - NUST SEECS, is the recipient of gold medal by Pakistan Academy of Sciences and COMSTECH for IT research, Presidents' Gold medal for best researcher of the year 2005, “Distinguished Scientist of the Year 2006” award, by Pakistan Academy of Sciences and an award of Pride of Performance. Dr. Arshad has over 100 publications to his credit in national and international conferences & refereed journals.

Amina Sadaf is a Phd Scholar in Philosophy of Management and has been working with Global Training Consulting (GTC) Ltd since 2008 as the Regional Manager of Asia. She is responsible for marketing of GTC activities at the government and private sector, relationship building between GTC and the donors, management of the local Pakistan office and marketing of GTC brand name. Amina specializes in innovative and conceptual thinking with sound commercial, financial, planning skills.

Apart from her role in British setup, Amina has a passion to serve Pakistan and initiated a concept of Entrepreneurial Alliances. The organization is committed to perform activities for the betterment of Pakistan society. Her passion is to transform the culture of Pakistan into collectivism, knowledge and resource sharing.